Special motors and drives:

Travelling motors


Catalog_ Conical Rotor Brake Motors

Catalog_ КАТ 35

Catalog_ КАТ

Catalog_ КАТ 53


This group of electric motors is designed to work with gearboxes in chain and rope hoists and cranes. Elprom Harmanli produces two main types of electric motors: cylindrical and conical analogs. The brake of the cylindrical motors is electromagnetic, DC, non-adjustable. Travelling motors are produced with different joining dimensions depending on the gearboxes they are coupled to. In addition, we can offer brakes with hand release and forced ventilation.


Main characteristics:

Power: 0,025kW up to 4kW depending on the speed of rotation

Frame size: 63, 71, 80 and 90

Poles: 2, 3, 6, 12, 8/2, 12/4

Synchronous rpms: 3000, 1500, 1000, 500, 750/3000, 500/1000

Basic supply voltage: from 127V up 400V when connected Δ and from 220V up to 690V when connected Y

Rectified voltage toward the brake: 0, 45 Un

Degree of protection: IP54, IP55, for the brake IP00. Higher protection is also available upon request.

Class of isolation: class F, class H

Ambient temperature: -25 up to +40 degrees Celsius. Special executions -40 up to +50 degrees Celsius are also available.

Duty cycle: single speed: S1, S4-40%/ 240h-1, two-speed motors: S4-20/40%/ 240h-1