Special motors and drives:

Motors without housing

Three phase frameless electric motors for car lifts.




Application: This group of motors is designed to work on car lifts. Duty cycle of the motors is S2-20%. These frameless electric motors are characterized with high starting torque that assure reliable and safe lifting of the car. They can be produced with both cast-iron and aluminum end shields.


Bearings: Front bearings 62066 2Z- cylindrical driving shaft end. 6007 2Z for execution with special shaft with waved channels.

Rear bearings: 6204-2Z- AT 80 BB4, AT 80BX4, AT 90 LA4, AT 90 LB4, AT 90 LX4, AT 90 LZ4

6205 2Z- AT 100 LB6, AT 100 LX4

These electric motors are produced with two different driving shaft ends.  First type is motors with cylindrical shaft 28x74 with a keyway index CS. The second one is a motor with a special shaft with waved channels for a belt according to DIN 7868- index RS.

The joining holes of the flange can be 3 x M8 every 120 degrees or 4 x M8 every 90 degrees.

Degree of protection: IP40

Class of isolation: Class F (155 degrees Celsius)

Thermal protection: 130 degrees Celsius


Endings of the stator coil are lead through a hole in the rear shield. Length of the endings can be 500mm or longer based on request. It is also possible endings to be lead in a terminal board mounted on the rear shield. The terminal board is protected by a plastic cover.


These electric motors can be offered with a built-in electromagnetic brake.